Linkedin Profile Analytics: 01.November 2020.

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I did for my clients/myself Results on LinkedIn:

My Linkedin ORGANIC Egagement Metrics:
(From January .2017. to December.2020.)

30,000,000+ Views
320 Posts = 141,861 Likes
688,000 Views on my SEO Guides

Scope of Services

● Non-automated, manual lead generation campaigns.
● Content and sales strategy and consulting.
● Content creation, curation, and co-laboring.
● Content engagement and visibility.
● LinkedIn personal and company profile creation or re-build.
● LinkedIn coaching packages: pick and choose based on specific
needs or knowledge gaps.
● Research Industry/Competitors

● Developing a growth strategy focused on lead generation,
communication and business development
● Arranging business meetings with prospective clients, plan
appointments, meetings and interviews
● Using LinkedIn tools and strategies to help recruit suitable
candidates for the company
● Managing emails, personal messages
● Building long-term relationships with new and existing customers
My Linkedin responsibilities
● LinkedIn marketing
● LinkedIn company page and showcase pages creation and

● Post blogs and promotions on LinkedIn groups
● Join target LinkedIn groups
● Tag connections
● Increase LinkedIn visibility
● Post updates on Company Page, Homepage and Showcase pages
● Drive traffic to our site utilizing LinkedIn
Business development work responsibilities
● Research prospective accounts in targeted markets, pursue leads
and follow through to a successful agreement
● Understand target markets, including industry, company, project,

company contacts and which market strategies can be used to
attract clients
● Maintain relationships with current clients and identify new
prospects within the area you have been assigned
Personal assistance work responsibilities
● Arrange business meetings with prospective clients, plan
appointments, meetings, interviews
● Manage emails, personal messages
● Convert voice notes, presentations into notes, tasks or email